Pilgrim Preacher: Billy Graham
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Explore! A Virtual Reality Tour of the Lands of the Bible!

This all-new virtual reality experience offers an exciting tour of 34 of the most famous biblical sites. Soar across the Sea of Galilee and climb up the stairs to the Temple Mount all without leaving your chair at Museum of the Bible.

Washington Revelations

Take a dazzling, multi-sensory tour, "flying" past biblical references in and around Washington, D.C., from the Lincoln Memorial to the Library of Congress!

The New Discoveries Gallery

Discover new archaeological discoveries in this rotating exhibit, featuring artifacts and stories from the Israel Antiquities Authority. The gallery currently explores the intricate skill of glass production in Israel during the first millennium.

K-12 Programs

Discover Museum of the Bible's K-12 programs, created to connect students with the history, narrative and impact of the Bible and specially designed for all learning styles.
Speaker Series

Billy Graham: His Life and Legacy

This lecture will explore Billy Graham’s enduring impact, in the shaping of Christianity generallyand the evangelical movement in particular, in the United States and in other parts of the world

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