The Living Dead: Ecclesiastes Through Art

The Living Dead: Ecclesiastes Through Art

Dr. Corinna Ricasoli, Curator

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Speaker Series

The Bible and America's Founders

This half-day symposium will explore the Bible’s influence on the American Revolution and the founding of the United States of America.
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Concert of the Ages


The World of Jesus of Nazareth

Step into the world of Jesus of Nazareth! Listen to the stories of the villagers who discuss the political and religious uncertainty during the days of Jesus’s ministry.

Scholars Initiative

Museum of the Bible supports scholarship and academic research through the Scholars Initiative, which brings together established and young scholars to pioneer groundbreaking research on items in the Museum Collections.

Museum of the Bible Curriculum

Museum of the Bible Curriculum is designed for individual or independent study up to a large classroom. See how our award-winning curriculum engages students in technology enabled learning spaces.