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Museum of the Bible is a global, innovative, educational institution whose purpose is to invite all people to engage with the transformative power of the Bible. Through interactive exhibits and cutting-edge technology, we bring guests an immersive, personal experience with the impact, narrative, and history of the Bible. Whether you want to explore the Bible more deeply or are discovering it for the first time, Museum of the Bible has something for you.

Our Four Pillars

In 2010, when Museum of the Bible, Inc. was formed, the organization set forth four distinct goals known as the “Four Pillars”: Education, the DC museum, Research, and Traveling Exhibits. As the organization has grown and developed, each of these pillars has played a strong role in making the museum what it is today, a dynamic center for biblical engagement at every level, both in person and online.

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Museum of the Bible is dedicated to expanding knowledge and encouraging learning for all ages around the world. From our Bible curriculum, to our K–12 programs, to our virtual tours of Israel and the lectures in our Speaker Series, there is a way for everyone to engage with the Bible.

Museum of the Bible — Washington, DC

Museum of the Bible is among the most technologically advanced and engaging museums in the world. Showcasing rare and fascinating artifacts spanning 4,000 years of history, the museum offers visitors an immersive and personalized experience with the Bible and its ongoing impact on the world around us.

Museum of the Bible - Washington, DC


Museum of the Bible supports academic research around the world. As the academic research wing of Museum of the Bible, the Scholars Initiative fosters biblical research at colleges, universities, and seminaries across the world, planning and supporting academic projects related to the languages and material culture of the Bible, and capitalizing on artifacts in the Museum Collections.

Traveling Exhibitions

Reaching more than half a million people to date, our exhibits have traveled across the country and around the world. We have brought the story of the Bible to the Vatican, Jerusalem, Havana and Santiago, Cuba, numerous colleges and universities, and to numerous cities across the US.

Traveling Exhibitions - Museum of the Bible


Making its grand opening to the public in November 2017, Museum of the Bible’s 430,000-square-foot building is located just three blocks from the US Capitol in Washington, DC. Since the museum opened, more than 2 million visitors have entered its doors and have had opportunities to engage in educational programs, events, and family activities in addition to exploring its floors and permanent and temporary exhibits. And Museum of the Bible’s story has only just begun.

Learn more about some of the most significant moments in our history before the museum’s grand opening in 2017.

2010 — Museum of the Bible established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

2011 — Passages: The 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible opened at Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

2012 — March: Verbum Domini exhibited in Vatican City.
July: The Washington Design Center building was purchased as the future home of Museum of the Bible.

2013 — Book of Books exhibited at Bible Lands Museum, Israel.

2014 — January: The Bible: The Way of God in the Way of Man exhibited in Cuba.
October: Oklahoma City fundraising event and Museum of the Bible brand release.

2015 — Construction began on Museum of the Bible’s building.

2013–2016 — Designing a museum.

2017 — Museum of the Bible opened!


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Museum of the Bible is a rapidly growing non-profit organization that provides employees the opportunity to grow and develop with the organization. We offer a wide variety of career opportunities that include academic research, artifact protection, information technology, and other exciting and challenging careers.


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