Hope amidst Despair: The Prophets by Jacob Barosin

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About the Exhibition

The objects in this exhibition were donated by the Garik and Greenblatt families.

In the silence of the long days hiding from the Nazis in a French schoolhouse, Jacob Barosin and his wife, Sonia, stay quiet. The Christian school teacher sheltering them had provided them a Bible, and Jacob and Sonia spent every day reading it. He became especially inspired by the hope the prophets of Israel spoke about, taking solace in the promise of being saved by the Lord in times of great despair. 

Drawing from this inspiration later in life, Barosin painted 18 life-size portraits of the Hebrew prophets that, taken together, create an overarching theme of hope. We invite you to come see these and other artifacts from Jewish artist and Holocaust survivor Jacob Barosin in our newest exhibit, Hope amidst Despair: The Prophets by Jacob Barosin.

Exhibition Details:

Open: March 15–July 9, 2024
Location: Floor 5
Cost: Included with general admission