Society of Bible Craftsmanship Annual Awards Program

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On August 26, 2023, the Society will host its second annual conference at Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, featuring a special exhibition titled Twenty Years of Excellence in Bible Craftsmanship. Attendees will discover a showcase of the best examples of Bible design and publishing from the turn of the millennium to today and the editions that made history and ushered in this momentous time in publishing.

Sponsors for the annual SoBC Conference receive table space to showcase their latest Bibles, five minutes for a presentation during the event, and listing as a sponsor in the catalog. Please contact Museum of the Bible to inquire at 866-430-MOTB or email at

About the Awards Program

This year will also see the introduction of the SoBC’s ongoing Annual Awards Program, a celebration of the best in contemporary craftsmanship. Winners of these prestigious awards will be exhibited at Museum of the Bible. 

Annual Awards Committee, Categories & Criteria 


The society’s awards committee will consist of J. Mark Bertrand (committee chair), Dr. William Krewson (Cairn University), and Amy Van Dyke (Museum of the Bible). Klaus Krogh will serve as the committee’s special advisor and secretary. 


The society will honor the highest achievements in four categories, and one honorable mention. 

  1. Excellence in Classical Design This award recognizes the edition that best embodies the tradition and legacy of Bible publishing, making excellent use of the classical canons of design. 
  2. Most Innovative Edition This award acknowledges the edition that makes the boldest, most innovative contribution to Bible publishing, inspiring forward-looking creativity. 
  3. Best Economy Edition This award highlights the best example of good design paired with economical production, making excellence available to the widest audience.
  4. People’s Choice Award This award is selected by the Society to recognize the edition which best exemplifies their vision of Bible craftsmanship. 
  5. Award of Honor: Distinctive Craftsmanship The Society will also award a distinction of honor to an organization or individual who has made a worthy contribution to Bible craftsmanship during the year. 


Each edition submitted will be judged on six criteria and awarded a score between 1 and 5. The scores will be shared with the publishers to encourage improvement. The six criteria are: 

  1. Textual Representation How well the overall design contributes to the reception of the text 
  2. Typography How well fonts are chosen and type is set 
  3. Layout How well the page is designed
  4. Paper How well the paper chosen suits the design
  5. Printing How well the design is printed
  6. Binding Materials How well the book is bound

Nomination Form

To nominate a Bible for consideration in the annual awards program, please complete the form below.