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In partnership with publishers and industry professionals, the SoBC hosts live events and virtual seminars through Museum of the Bible to explore every aspect of craftsmanship, illuminating the work of translators and editors, designers and typographers, printers and bookbinders, and many other contributors to the production process.

Upcoming Events

Lunch & Learn with the SoBC: Three Things Quality Bibles Need to Get Right

February 22, 2023

This special program with the Society of Bible Craftsmanship (SoBC) lays out an essential framework to inspire industry professionals when it comes to Bible production.

Second Annual SoBC Conference

April 15, 2023

The second annual Society of Bible Craftsmanship conference will be held April 15, 2023, at Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC. To register, please call customer service at 866-430-MOTB.

Past Events

Inaugural Society of Bible Craftsmanship Conference

August 2022

The inaugural annual conference of the Society of Bible Craftsmanship featured presentations made by Klaus Krogh, David Price, and Mark Bertrand. Those presentations can be viewed below.

Bible Craftsmanship Conference Lecture

Summary Video from Tim Wildsmith of the Bible Review Blog