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Museum of the Bible has an unwavering commitment to our mission—to invite all people to engage with the transformative power of the Bible. It’s a simple sentence, yet it comes with an enormous opportunity for Kingdom impact. This mission is why we exist and what guides our decisions.

At the 2023 Gala & Experience, we are focusing on The Story—God’s ever-living Word that profoundly influences our own individual faith stories. The museum seeks to make that personal connection in compelling ways to people from all walks of life. We want millions of people to experience the power of God’s voice in new and life-changing ways in their personal journey.

As our world and culture changes rapidly, so does the museum’s quest to continually be at the forefront of engaging technologies, the latest biblical discoveries, and relevant ways to connect with people of all ages. To achieve that goal, Museum of the Bible is committed to several major, exciting initiatives in the coming year that we are confident will significantly influence those who walk through the museum’s iconic doors.

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We are so grateful for your partnership in prayer, in words of encouragement, and in your generous financial support. Museum of the Bible cannot do this without you. It’s an honor to partner together—you are a vital part of this story!