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There's a book that has endured for generations, is still the best-selling book of all time, and is made for everyone—the Bible. Located at the heart of Washington, DC, Museum of the Bible's 430,000-square-foot building preserves an abundance of rare and fascinating artifacts. We invite all people to experience 4,000 years of history shaped by the Bible through innovative and interactive exhibits. Here, there's always more to discover.

Six floors of amazing. It was the best museum I have ever been through.

Engage with Life's Big Questions

On Floor B1, dive into the Bible's role in the historical relationship between science and religion. See the two in conversation as you look at some of our greatest scientific and theological minds ask six of life’s biggest questions, including “How did life begin?” and “What makes me human?”

Running now through January 2024, you aren't going to want to miss your opportunity to see this exhibit!


Discover the Extraordinary Impact

On Floor 2, explore the widespread impact of the Bible on fashion, music, movies, and culture worldwide. Uncover the unexpected influence of the Bible in the foundations of American government and culture in our Bible in America exhibit. In Washington Revelations, discover the Bible's influence in landmarks around Washington, DC, through a thrilling experience that combines storytelling with special effects to simulate flight.

Bible Now displays streaming information coming live from the web, people, places and organizations for a unique perspective of the Bible in our world on every visit.


Explore the Journey of the Bible

On Floor 4, embark on an exploration of the Bible through time, technology, and culture. See over 600 rare and beautiful artifacts that mark the path from oral traditions and handwritten scrolls to universal access around the world.

Don't miss the change to illumiNations, a collection that captures the progress of Bible translations into every language.

Limited-Time Event

Enter the World of Narnia

On Floor 5, the World Stage Theater features captivating performances that inspire people of all ages.  

Return to Narnia this spring with C. S. Lewis’s Prince Caspian. Get your tickets for this unforgettable performance from The Logos Theatre and join the four Pevensie children as they restore Narnia's rightful king. Performances run from March 1–April 27, 2024.

There’s Always More to Discover

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Exhibit Highlights

Gutenberg Gates

Gutenberg Gates

Enter Museum of the Bible, welcomed by the Gutenberg Gates. These one-of-a-kind, 40-foot-high brass gates contain the first lines from Genesis in Latin from a Gutenberg Bible.

Hebrew Bible Experience

Hebrew Bible Experience

Immerse yourself in the story of the Hebrew Bible through a journey of dramatic displays.

First Edition King James Bible

First Edition King James Bible

Rare treasures like the First Edition King James Bible illustrate key developments in the Bible's history.


At the intersection of technology and history’s best-selling book is illumiNations, featuring the Bible in over 2,000 different languages and counting.

Jewish Manuscript

Jewish Manuscripts

Explore artifacts that tell the story of the Hebrew Bible, like Torah Scrolls.

Prayer at Valley Forge

Prayer at Valley Forge

See the impact of the Bible on art in stunning pieces like Prayer at Valley Forge.

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