2023 Year in Review

Reflections from Jackie

Dear Women of Legacy,

What a surprise to realize we have already reached the end of another year! We hope this letter finds you enjoying the many blessings of the Christmas season with your loved ones. Museum of the Bible is experiencing a bustling holiday season, with guests coming to experience the festive décor, events, and exhibits. Hopefully, you will be able to make a visit to Museum of the Bible one of your family’s Christmas traditions in the future!

In 2023, we saw many of you for our biennial Women of Legacy Summit and Reunion! We shared a special time reconnecting, meeting new friends, experiencing Museum of the Bible in a new light, and listening to teachings from some gifted speakers on what it looks like to be “flourishing in truth.” We appreciated having Jen Wilkin, Ruth Chou Simons, Christina Crenshaw, Cindy Janecka, Abby Allen, Alyse Lo Bianco, and Lauren McAfee join our speaker lineup as we encouraged our fellow Women of Legacy.

This spring, we will welcome a new group of Women of Legacy at our Foundations event, where first-time attendees will learn about Museum of the Bible and what it means to be a woman who shares their love for the Word of God with future generations. We will all be together again at the 2025 Summit and Reunion, tentatively scheduled for March 26–28, 2025. Please save these dates!

We were honored to visit several of your communities as some of our Women of Legacy friends hosted us for events around the country in support of Museum of the Bible. Thank you to Anne Neilson in Charlotte, NC; Diane Taylor and Gayle Hargrave in Dallas, TX; Marcia Taylor, Georgene Tozzi, Shari Turpin, and Teri Moy Atallah in Jackson, WY; Christina Crenshaw, Cindy Janecka, and Kim Stevens in Waco, TX; and Judy Pogue and Linda Arnold in McKinney, TX. We also visited Ocean Reef, FL, and Grand Rapids, MI, for events hosted by fellow museum partners in 2023. If you are interested in hosting an event to raise awareness and support for Museum of the Bible, please let us know by emailing dru.walker@mBible.org.

Also in 2023, Museum of the Bible welcomed 360,000 visitors (and counting) from all over the world, over 2,500 tour groups (including students, church groups, tourists, and world leaders), and opened the following exhibits:

Scripture and Science: Our Universe, Ourselves, Our Place (January 20, 2023–January 15, 2024)

Through Gates of Splendor: The Elisabeth Elliot Story (March 30, 2023–January 28, 2024), funded by our very own Women of Legacy!

Hagia Sophia: The Churches of the Wisdom of God (October 12, 2023–January 21, 2024)

Bethlehem Reborn: The Wonders of the Church of the Nativity (November 6, 2023–April 28, 2024)

Christmas in Malta: Winners of the 2023 Nativity Crib Competition (November 17, 2023–January 7, 2024)

The Horse and His Boy, C. S. Lewis's beloved tale, was such a sensation at Museum of the Bible's World Stage Theater that it ran for two seasons. The Logos Theatre produced epic puppetry, beautiful sets and costumes, and an inspiring story for every age.

As we look ahead to 2024, we’d like to make you aware of a few exciting upcoming events. We are excited to have The Logos Theatre back this spring for their production of Prince Caspian, running March 1–April 27, 2024. The story follows the Pevensie siblings from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as they fight against tyranny to restore the rightful king. You won’t want to miss it, so plan your trip today! This production is perfect for guests of all ages. Purchase your tickets here.

Exciting, educational exhibits are also planned, such as the return of the new and improved Pilgrim Preacher: Billy Graham and the Bible. As always, you can follow @museumofBible or visit museumoftheBible.org for more updates.

For weekly verses of hope and more Women of Legacy news, follow @women.of.legacy on Instagram and join our private Facebook Group @motbwol.

If you’d like to support Museum of the Bible in your year-end giving, we invite you to take a look at some of the key initiatives we have available for funding:

CREATR - Heart of Worship Experience: In partnership with some of the most renowned worship leaders and communicators in the world, this extraordinary experience delves into the boundless depth of the biblical narrative, celebrates the remarkable role of creativity in the Bible, and echoes the divine inspiration that continues to inspire hearts today. 

The Dead Sea Scrolls: The most significant biblical archaeology discovery of all time is coming to Museum of the Bible. This major exhibition will display more than 250 artifacts from the Second Temple period and is scheduled to open in spring 2026. 

The Megiddo Mosaic: Now regarded as the oldest known structure dedicated to Christian worship, the museum has an opportunity to make this ancient pavement accessible to the public for the first time. Bearing stunning mosaics and inscriptions, this first-of-its-kind exhibit is anticipated to open in summer 2024.  

New Testament Theater Experience: To equal the award-winning Hebrew Bible Experience, Museum of the Bible is creating a new experience about the life of Jesus and his early followers. With a new video, theater improvements, and a fully immersive area, the New Testament Theater will engage guests with the story of Jesus’s walk to Emmaus.

If you would like to join us in our mission to invite all people to engage with the transformative power of the Bible, please click here. A generous friend of the museum has offered $6 million to match all donations through the end of 2023—making this a tremendous time for you to double your gift!

It’s my prayer that you would be intentional in the way you live your life as you are shaping your legacy day by day. May you be encouraged to point your families and communities to the living and active Word of God, not only in this Christmas season but into 2024 and beyond.

“For the word of God is living and active,
sharper than any two-edged sword.”

— Hebrews 4:12 (ESV)

We are so grateful for your partnership and investment in Museum of the Bible! Thank you for helping us be a light in our nation’s capital.

We wish you a blessed Christmas and hope to see you in 2024!