Teaching Scripture & Science Educator Conference Poster Session

Calling All Teachers!

It’s time to share what you are doing in the classroom! At Museum of the Bible’s Teaching Scripture and Science Educator Conference, we are inviting teachers to highlight an activity that engages faith and science in the same classroom setting. This Poster Session will be open to other conference participants as well as museum guests. The presentation will take place in the Education Makerspace connected to the Scripture and Science exhibit.

To participate, please, fill out the Cognito form below. All posters must be 36”x48” (tri-fold project board standard). Featured items on the poster should include, but are not limited to, the name of the activity, the name of the presenter, school affiliation and state, subject, learning objectives, and pictures of classroom engagement. A written activity plan should be submitted as well. Participants should also plan to bring copies of the activity printed for those who visit their poster.

Our Education Department will review the submission and share feedback. If you are selected, teachers from all over the country will learn with you unique ways to teach scripture and science.

We look forward to seeing practical applications of this important dialogue!