November 03, 2022

Press Release

Museum of the Bible Honors Recipients with 'Pillar Awards' for Increasing Bible Engagement

WASHINGTON – Museum of the Bible’s three main exhibition floors educate the public on the history, narrative and impact of the Bible. Those same three pillars are emphasized in the museum’s Pillar Awards, a new feature of its annual gala, which recognizes individuals or ministries with a mission and focus on engaging people with the Bible. 

This year’s gala, on the occasion of its 5th anniversary, was held Saturday, Oct. 29. Pillar Awards were given to: 

  • Dallas Jenkins, creator of “The Chosen” television series, for Impact 
  • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, represented by Ruth Graham, for Narrative 
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators president Dr. John Chesnut, for History

The Pillar Awards will be presented annually at Museum of the Bible’s gala in Washington, DC. The first class of recipients was honored during a spectacular production in the museum’s World Stage Theater. 

The award depicts three vertical columns representing the pillars topped by a polished Museum of the Bible logo.

“Our 2022 Pillar Award recipients have achieved exceptional impact on Bible engagement in their fields,” said Museum of the Bible CEO Harry Hargrave. “Our awards recognize how each has done so creatively and in a way that shows the Bible’s relevance to culture and society today.” 

Honorees are selected by a committee of Museum of the Bible leadership and representatives of the Board of Directors based on their positive global influence through their talent, ideas and platforms.   

The criteria for the History award includes reinforcing the Bible’s history – past, present and future – by discovering, preserving, sharing, and making the Bible accessible to the generations. For the Narrative award, recipients will have brought the stories of the Bible to life through cultural mediums. Finally, the Impact award recognizes extraordinary impact among those who communicate the Bible through their public platform. 

Finally, the Marie Green Impact Award was awarded to Marcia Taylor in recognition of her service, generosity, integrity, and compassionate partnership in work to fulfill the mission of Museum of the Bible. Taylor is CEO of the Bennett Family of Companies, a leading company in international transportation solutions. She serves as a leader in her community and on several boards, including for Museum of the Bible.