February 23, 2024

Press Release

Salvador Dalí depiction of Passion of Christ part of Easter exhibit at Museum of the Bible

WASHINGTON — Museum of the Bible is opening [JNW1] a new exhibit ahead of Easter. “Ecce Homo: Behold the Man” is open to museum guests now until May 15. This captivating showcase depicts the Passion of Christ through the diverse lenses of 21 artists whose works span five centuries. From the early Syrian-Byzantine depictions to the bold interpretations of the 20th century, guests will witness the evolution of this poignant biblical scene.

The centerpiece of the exhibit is the work of iconic surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, whose unique interpretation of the “Ecce Homo” moment adds depth and intrigue to the collection. Drawing from John 19, where Pontius Pilate presents Jesus to the crowd, the exhibit explores the evolving visualizations of Jesus's suffering during his trial, crucifixion and death via a rich variety of artistic styles and media.

“This Easter season, ‘Ecce Homo: Behold the Man’ offers visitors a profound opportunity to engage with the story of Jesus in a fresh and thought-provoking way,” remarked Amy Van Dyke, the lead curator of art and exhibitions at Museum of the Bible. “Through the eyes of these talented artists, we invite guests to contemplate the depth of Jesus' sacrifice and the enduring power of his message.”

The artwork is graciously on loan from the Bowden Collections, a private gallery of Sandra Bowden, founder of Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA) and former board member for the Museum of Biblical Art (MoBiA). 

Included with general admission, guests to the museum may view the exhibit’s unique journey through art, history and faith on Floor 5.