March 26, 2024

Press Release

Museum of the Bible unveils New Testament Experience

Museum of the Bible has announced “The New Testament Experience,” an immersive experience designed to bring the biblical message of the New Testament to life. Opening to guests Friday, March 29, the interactive exhibit was produced in part by Jonathan Martin Creative (JMC) and Mystery Box, the award-winning media company behind “The Chosen” television series.

The New Testament experience engages guests through three distinctive parts: the Prologue, the Story, and the Epilogue. The Prologue, takes guests through the historical context of Jesus’ biblical story. Here, visitors follow the historical and prophetic backdrop of the coming of Jesus in the first century, from Creation and the Garden of Eden through the prophecy of Jesus’s “Second Coming.” 

Part two, the Story, features a short film connecting the Old and New Testaments via the story of Luke 24, the “Road to Emmaus.” This biblical passage, presented as a big screen dramatization, is perhaps the Bible’s most concise overview of Jesus’s message.

Finally, the Epilogue focuses on the the final New Testament proclamation that Jesus is coming once again, referred to as “The Second Coming.” 

The New Testament Experience is a partnership project between Museum of the Bible, The Moore-West Center of Applied Theology and the JourneyWise Network. The New Testament Experience is on Floor 3, just steps from the museum’s interactive artistic representation of the first-century village of Nazareth, The World of Jesus of Nazareth.