Walk Through the Museum

A one-day visit might look like...

If you were to see every artifact and attraction, read everything in each exhibit and view every video and show at Museum of the Bible, it would take about nine, eight-hour days! But what might just one of those days look like?

First, you would arrive at the awe-inspiring front entrance, flanked by 40-foot bronze gates inscribed with Genesis 1 from the Gutenberg Bible.

Once inside, you would not want to miss the illuminated glass artwork inspired by Psalm 19 from the Bodmer Papyrus, an ancient Greek manuscript written in 16 different languages! You’ll also encounter our magnificent 140-foot LED ceiling, which rotates through artistic images and reflects the beautiful floor tiles from Tunisia and Portugal.

You could first explore some of the Impact floor, including a viewing of our 200-foot Bible in America tapestry that highlights this great Book’s influence on key events in American history.

Then, enjoy the Narrative (or Stories of the Bible) floor, where you can take a 40-minute journey with Ezra, walking through the Hebrew Bible. You could also see the exhibit next door, The World of Jesus of Nazareth, which displays what life might have been like in a typical first-century village.

At that point, you might need to refuel with a Mediterranean-inspired lunch at Manna.

Afterwards you could enjoy the History floor, where you would take a trail-blazing drive thru the History of the Bible theater, explore the Qumran caves, view the Dead Sea Scrolls and more!

Finally, you could close out your day with the Washington Revelations theater flight through our nation’s capital to see the biblical inspiration behind the city’s most iconic buildings and monuments.

Your Museum of the Bible adventure doesn’t have to end there! You could also check out the children’s exhibit area, Courageous Pages, and purchase something to remember your trip at the gift shop.