Experience the Bible Floor-by-Floor!

There’s a lot to see at Museum of the Bible, especially on the three primary, exhibit floors. Here, astonishing creativity and craftsmanship are on full display revealing the Bible’s incredible (and ongoing) history, narrative and impact in jaw-dropping fashion.

You will need to come visit the museum for yourself to get the complete experience. But in the meantime, here is an “inside look,” floor-by-floor, at the innovative technology, exhibits, artifacts and more that make this a truly one-of-a-kind museum.

First Impressions

Awe-inspiring craftsmanship is evident at every turn!

  • 40-foot bronze gates that flank the entrance to Museum of the Bible
  • Glass presentation of Psalm 19 in 16 different languages.
  • 140-foot long digital ceiling that reflects off the polished floor tile (It’s already one of the most-photographed attractions!)

Impact: 2nd Floor

Devoted to demonstrating the enormous influence of the Bible on nearly every aspect of life, the second floor of the museum features 27,000 square feet of exhibit space divided among four major exhibit areas:

  1. Bible in the World
    Features 23 exhibits demonstrating the depth and breadth of the Bible’s impact on subjects like architecture, art, education, fashion, human rights, science and others.
  2. Bible in America
    From the arrivals of the first Christian and Jewish settlers to today, this area reveals how the Bible became a powerful influence in America. Topics of exploration include our nation’s founding, revivals, the Civil War and more.
  3. Bible Now
    Guests experience the Bible in real-time media feeds, which show the Bible’s up-to-the-minute impact. Visitors can also share how the Bible has impacted their life as they answer questions and record video testimonies.
  4. Washington Revelations
    One of the museum’s most anticipated attractions, this flying theater takes you soaring through Washington, D.C., to discover the Bible’s presence in inscriptions, place names and monuments, all scriptural messages “hidden in plain sight”! Key sites include the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court, the Capitol Building and more. You’ll see Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., address the masses, watch President Lincoln rise from his chair at the Lincoln Memorial and more; 12 remarkable locations in all, combining computer-generated imagery with 30,000 photographs. (This is a ticketed attraction.)

Narrative: 3rd Floor

This floor is all about the Stories of the Bible. A central courtyard area serves as a hub for guests to embark on three one-of-a-kind, immersive journeys into the places and events described in the Bible:

  • The Hebrew Bible
    A series of walk-through Bible scenes, in chronological order, have been impeccably constructed with high-tech finishes enabling you to explore 15 galleries and experience for yourself Noah’s flood, the burning bush, the exodus from Egypt, the crossing of the Jordan and other key events. (This 30-minute walk-through is free, but a ticket is required as space is limited.)
  • The New Testament
    Using handheld devices while waiting to enter the theater, guests will interact with stylized posters of Bible characters to learn more about their stories. Then, a 210-degree panoramic screen appears to provide a dramatic 12-minute film experience focusing on the spread of the early church.
  • The World of Jesus of Nazareth
    An intricately crafted exhibit space re-creates a first-century village for guests and a memorable experience from the time and place where Jesus lived.

Spotlight Exhibit

The World of Jesus of Nazareth

This immersive and themed experience begins in the Second Temple, a "Prologue Foyer" where guests become familiar with the religious and political upheaval of the time, as well as an overview of the cultural importance of the temple.

A few of the featured areas of interest include:

  • Sepphoris: Nazareth’s Forgotten Neighbor
  • Village Center
  • Typical House and Cooking Courtyard
  • Synagogue

History: 4th Floor

Take a journey through time, technology and culture to witness the story of the Bible itself! Featuring more than 600 artifacts and 50 media programs in 11 galleries spanning 30,000 square feet, guests will explore the Bible’s progression from a collection of oral traditions and writings, accessible to only a few people, to the most widely read text in history embraced in communities around the world. Biblical treasures housed on this floor include:

  • The Codex Climaci Rescriptus, a palimpsest manuscript with multiple layers of text, including a sixth-century Aramaic translation of the Gospels
  • The Hours and Psalter of Elizabeth de Bohun, Countess of Northampton, circa 1330 A.D., an illuminated medieval manuscript belonging to an ancestor of the British royal family
  • A "Noble Fragment" of the first edition of the Gutenberg Bible, circa 1455 A.D., the first major book to be printed in Europe using movable type
  • A 1611 first edition of the King James Bible New Testament, one of only two known to have survived
  • 200 Torah scrolls from the 17th through 19th centuries

Spotlight Exhibit

The Children’s Gallery

This special child-centered area allows for active and creative play, as children try to push the pillars of Samson, aim the rock just right to fell Goliath and help Esther navigate the rough path of her destiny. A climbing feature keeps active children busy, and the thought-provoking Q&A will challenge children to tackle biblical material.