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Museum of the Bible Launches Unprecedented, National Media Campaign, Unveils Sweeping Three-Minute Film by Makers of ‘Return to Roanoke’ on The History Channel

Published: Sep 6, 2017

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Cinematic Short Film Weaves Together Twelve Influential Historic Events
Illustrating the Bible as the Common Thread that Connects History


WASHINGTON, September 7, 2017 Museum of the Bible launched a national media campaign spearheaded by JDA Worldwide in the lead up to the grand opening of Museum of the Bible on Nov. 17, 2017, just three blocks from the U.S. Capitol building. The campaign’s centerpiece is an ambitious, cinematic short film that spans thousands of years in only three minutes.


The film is produced by Triple Horse Film Studio and Whitestone Motion Pictures—the creators of Return to Roanoke on The History Channel—and is directed by Brandon McCormick with an original score by Nicholas Kirk.


This is an unprecedented undertaking for Museum of the Bible, both in terms of reach and scope,” says Steven Bickley, vice president of marketing for the museum. “Everything we do is about inviting people to engage with the Bible. Rather than creating a traditional ad campaign we chose to make this film instead, a beautiful and immersive cinematic experience in and of itself. We believe it’s compelling to all audiences, regardless of who they are or where they come from. The Bible truly is a book for all peoples, and this campaign communicates that message powerfully.” 


Museum of the Bible is leveraging media partnerships with Scripps Networks, Turner Sports and NBC Universal. Viewers will see ads run on The History Channel, Discovery Channel, TBS, CNN, Fox News, Food Network and shows like The Voice, The Tonight Show and Mysteries at the Museum to name a few. In addition, there will be extensive digital and outdoor advertising.


Thirty-second commercial spots will run throughout these networks and will invite viewers to watch the full-length, three-minute short film. All told, the campaign will reach 75 percent of America an average of nine times.


The concept was complex in nature; tell a story spanning thousands of years, in three minutes, depicting a book as the constant thread throughout human history,” says Brent Huffman, executive vice president of creative at JDA Worldwide. “And not just any book, but arguably the most famous one in human history; one steeped in perception, belief and human morality.


“If we’re successful in our attempt we’ll produce an experience that encourages our viewers to take a moment and experience this book in a unique and personal way. We set the creative bar as high as we could and we’re all excited to witness the outcome."


The video begins by depicting the Jewish tradition of oral transmission of the biblical narrative and moves quickly to Roman occupied Judea as the Essenes meticulously transcribed entire books of the Old Testament onto what would become known as The Dead Sea Scrolls, which were first discovered in 1946 in the Caves of Qumran in the eastern Judean Desert.


Other major historical events covered in the short film include: the printing of the Gutenberg Bible—the first book created using a printing press; Luther’s 95 Theses which he allegedly nailed on the door of the Wittenberg Castle church; Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel; Galileo’s groundbreaking discoveries about the solar system; the Puritans sailing for Plymouth Rock; the American Revolutionary War and the signing of the Declaration of Independence; Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation; and Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech delivered from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial Aug. 28, 1963.


We’re incredibly pleased with how this project has come together,” says Kristine Deininger, creative director of marketing for Museum of the Bible. “To visually tell the story of the far-reaching and unparalleled impact of the Bible throughout history, and to see how that influence traveled across deserts, continents and oceans to the shores of the New World, is breathtaking to watch unfold in such a short amount of screen time.”


The film was shot over eight days in four locations, accounting for hundreds of hours of footage. Over 300 individuals were involved in the conception, production, and execution of the subsequent film campaign with “one agenda in mind…tell the story of the world’s greatest book in three minutes.


Viewers can watch the three-minute short film, Experience the Book, along with the 30-second hype trailer, behind-the-scenes footage, production day video blog content and more at Outlets can also view or embed the video on their site by visiting YouTube.


Contact to request access to cross-post the full trailer to your Facebook page.


MEDIA ONLY: Please email to schedule an interview with Steven Bickley, vice president of marketing for Museum of the Bible.





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