Membership Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to anyone who has purchased a membership, or has received one on their behalf, and are making use of the goods, services, and benefits of any membership at Museum of the Bible.

  1. One named adult must be listed on any membership, and the named adult must be present at the time of the visit when membership benefits are being used. Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  2. All memberships begin on the date of purchase and expire at the end of the same calendar month one year after purchase.
  3. Guests of members beyond the total number of people included in the membership may purchase general admission tickets at a reduced rate; these are referred to as “Member Guest Tickets.” Member Guest Tickets may only be purchased when the member reserves their general admission tickets online, through the app, by calling the Customer Service team, or at the museum’s Ticketing desk. Members are entitled to purchase an unlimited number of Member Guest Tickets. However, please note members must be on-site and cannot purchase Member Guest Tickets on behalf of their guests through a separate reservation. Please also note Term 5 below, which strictly prohibits commercial use of Member Guest Tickets. No other membership benefit extends to guests of members beyond that of the Member Guest Ticket.
  4. If you have purchased, or received on your behalf, a Dual or Family membership, you are entitled to share the benefits of that membership with an invited adult guest. In the case of a Family membership, the benefits also extend to all youth ages five (5) to seventeen (17) who are dependents in the named adult’s household. Consistent with museum policy, general admission for children ages four (4) and under is always free, regardless of membership level. Adult children, above the age of 18, of members are welcome to either purchase Individual memberships or Member Guest Tickets if visiting with the parent member.
  5. Any member who sells or transfers for profit or commercial gain their right to share membership benefits with any invited guests will be asked to depart the premises immediately and their membership will be immediately terminated without refund. The sale, resale, transfer, barter, purchase, or commercial use of Member Guest Tickets included in Museum of the Bible memberships is strictly prohibited at Museum of the Bible. Members are encouraged to bring groups to the museum with the significantly discounted group rates available via Customer Service. Members are also not permitted to conduct tours in the museum except under the conditions listed in the tours policy for all guests.
  6. Members are not permitted to present digital content exclusively available in the Museum of the Bible App or website in a public setting without prior written consent from Museum of the Bible. Contact the Customer Service team to request permission.
  7. Museum of the Bible reserves the right to terminate membership benefits for any member without refund if we determine the member violates these terms and conditions and we are unable to resolve the violation.