illumiNations is an umbrella organization that brings together some of the world’s largest Bible translation organizations to make the Bible accessible to all people by 2033. There are around 7,000 languages in the world today, but approximately half, or 3,654, have little or no access to the Bible in their native tongue. With translation projects around the world, illumiNations is working to change that reality and eradicate Bible poverty for good. 

In Museum of the Bible’s illumiNations exhibit, guests can see the progress being made and how much more there is to do through a display of current and ongoing Bible translations, with empty spaces marking every language still in need of a Bible. As we approach 2033, those empty spaces will be filled, creating a display of the Bible in every language in the world. 

Visit the illumiNations exhibit on our History of the Bible Floor to see the project’s progress each year.