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Museum of the Bible Curriculum is designed for individual or independent study up to a large classroom setting. The curriculum provides an innovative way for parents/teachers to engage students with the Bible. Also geared for individual learners, the descriptive approach in the four-volume set encompasses major narratives from Genesis to Revelation. Lessons on the history of the Bible help students comprehend the context of the Bible and its fascinating past. Impact lessons introduce the Bible’s considerable influence over the centuries. Using unique interactive technology, engaged students move beyond the page for a meaningful learning experience.

History, Narrative, Impact

History lessons examine historical and archaeological information, fostering a better understanding of the Bible and its context.

Narrative lessons present significant concepts, events, and personalities of the Bible.

Impact lessons connect the influence of the Bible on societies and cultures over time to enhance student comprehension with “Why is this interesting?” and “Why is this important?”

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Innovative content design to engage the smartphone generation. Hundreds of interactive media elements including virtual reality, animations, 3D models, interactive maps, gamified quizzes, and more are all available

Exclusive digital content is accessible through the student AR (Augmented Reality) Student Companion App, which is meant to work in conjunction with each textbook and is included with each Student Edition. This technology engages students with hundreds of media elements, including virtual reality, 3D models, animations, interactive maps, gamified quizzes, and more—extending the learning experience beyond the textbook.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment where elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics, or GPS data. Museum of the Bible’s curriculum uses this cutting-edge technology to bring Bible education to life! See the Gutenberg printing press in action, flip through pages of an ancient text or interact with heroes of the Bible!


Interactive App Activities

Written for a 9th-grade reading level

220 Handouts

56 3D Models

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Chapters across four volumes

108 Chapter Tests and Answer Keys

107 Summary Quizzes

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Teacher Resources

9 Bible Translations

99 Artifact Images from
the Museum Collections

44 Interactive Maps

Teacher Resources

Flexible teaching plans for each chapter include various timed activities. Pedagogical content includes activities for individuals, pairs, and groups.

“Goals” and “Essential Questions” highlighted in the Teacher’s Guide assist in understanding and communicating the main ideas of each chapter.

Exclusive teacher resources are available through cloud technology, including pre/post-course assessment, student handouts, tests with answer keys, and more.

Teacher FAQs

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IOS 10 and 11

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Android AR App 88MB

IOS AR App 206MB

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Chrome on PC & Mac

Safari on Mac

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