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One Partnership

Three Expressions.

Meet the CREATRs behind the partnership.

All Creation Sings

A revolutionary interactive experience to explore worship in the Bible.

Inspired by Psalm 148, All Creation Sings draws the viewer through immersive, vibrant displays and a deep expression of worship designed to take each visitor on a journey of personal reflection and worshipful reverence.

Join us as we partner with CREATR to bring a unique perspective to worship as uncovered in the stories of the Bible.

Worship in the Heart

A call to unite the nation through worship.

Introducing Worship in the Heart, a unified series of worship events held in 2024 in the heart of the United States—Washington, DC.

Welcoming some of the top voices in the worship genre, Worship in the Heart will unite the global church, reinvigorate the heart for worship, and discover new ground. These intimate, limited-seating concerts will be hosted at the groundbreaking World Stage Theater at Museum of the Bible.

Worship in the Word: Foundations of Reverence

An opportunity to bring it to the world.

Worship in the Word: Foundations of Reverence is a 14-part video series filmed at Museum of the Bible with a collective of instructors who are the leading voices in worship and creativity, where they explore the rich teachings and examples of true biblical worship.

Coming this summer!

Join us at Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, for an unforgettable experience that will take you deeper into the wonder of worship.


Leading voices sharing their practices and processes, all with a desire to see your church teams grow in confidence and character.