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December 28, 2020

The Doré Bible

The Bible in front of you is one of the most popular illustrated Bibles of all time. The illustrations are by Gustave Doré, a largely self-taught prodigy who began illustrating professionally at age 16. At the time of his death in 1883, Doré was the most widely published illustrator in history. His most famous works include illustrations for John Milton’sParadise Lost, Dante’sInferno, and Edgar Allen Poe’sThe Raven. But Doré’s Bible illustrations were, and still are, his most popular. Even art critics of the day responded positively. One such critic said, “Doré has illustrated the Holy Bible, and the drawings are some of the most wonderful that have ever been executed by any artist, in any age.” The commercial success of this Bible was followed by the opening of the Doré Gallery in London, which remained open for the rest of his life. Doré’s popular success with the Bible, along with other well-loved works, solidified his singular legacy in the history of Western art.

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