EXPLORE Newsletter | Grand Opening 2017



This calls for a celebration!
Construction is complete. Exhibits are installed. The doors are open.
A unique vision, to engage all people with the Book that shaped history, the Bible, has come to life in an amazing, innovative way.
Please enjoy this special update and celebrate with us as we step into this exciting new chapter in the ongoing history, narrative and impact of the Bible!

Walk Through the Museum

If you were to see every artifact and attraction, read everything in each exhibit and view every video and show at Museum of the Bible, it would take about nine, eight-hour days! But what might just one of those days look like?

A Floor-by-Floor Experience

You will need to come visit the museum for yourself to get the complete experience, but in the meantime, here is a floor-by-floor look, at this a truly one-of-a-kind museum.

Journey to the Grand Opening

Watch the story unfold from its establishment as a as a nonprofit in 2010 to the Grand Opening in November 2017!

Museum’s Grand Opening Events

After the many years of preparation that went into making Museum of the Bible a reality, it seemed fitting to commemorate the Grand Opening with a multi-day celebration.

Seen and Heard

Museum of the Bible welcomed guests from every age, race, background and walk of life during our Grand Opening celebration. Each one discovered aspects of the Bible in a fresh, exciting, unforgettable way.

Breathtaking Architectural Design

The beauty of Museum of the Bible extends beyond the exhibits, artifacts and shows, to the building itself!

Our one-of-a-kind Grand Lobby, featuring a 140-foot digital ceiling and a gorgeously tiled floor that progresses from dark to light as you move inside!

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Museum of the Bible

Watch the Top 10 reasons you should visit Museum of the Bible!

A Personal Word

Simply saying the words “Thank you” doesn’t seem enough to express my deep gratitude to the board, staff, volunteers, donors, members and friends like you for everything you have done to help open the doors of Museum of the Bible.

What started as a small endeavor to share some procured artifacts has evolved into a grand museum in Washington, D.C., unlike anything the world has ever seen before.