Celebrate Sukkot with Us!

Take 25% Off Walk-Up Admission during Sukkot

Come learn about this biblical festival and enjoy your lunch in our kosher sukkah set up outside in our Biblical Garden. And best of all, enjoy 25% off your walk-up admission when you use the code SUKKOT at ticketing.

Sukkot, which is Hebrew for “booths,” celebrates the harvest and the protection God provided the Israelites during the exodus from Egypt, when they lived in tents, or “booths.” We invite guests to learn more about a kosher sukkah and the festival of Sukkot in our sukkah exhibit, which will be set up in the Biblical Garden on the museum’s top floor.

Additionally, this year we are hosting a special exhibition on the Samaritans. The exhibit includes a replica of a Samaritan sukkah, which differs in some respects from a Jewish sukkah. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about both styles of sukkah and the joyful celebrations that go on inside them. Access to the Samaritan exhibit and the sukkah are both included in a general admission ticket.