Breathtaking Architectural Design

The beauty of Museum of the Bible extends beyond the exhibits, artifacts and shows, to the building itself! Just a few of the most amazing architectural features include:

Our one-of-a-kind Grand Lobby, featuring a 140-foot digital ceiling and a gorgeously tiled floor that progresses from dark to light as you move inside!

The 40-foot bronze Gutenberg Gates entrance, a stunning replica of Genesis 1 from the Gutenberg Bible.

Impeccable views of Washington, D.C., from the glass galley on the museum’s sixth floor.

The view looking up at the museum’s Grand Staircase is a sight to behold!

*All photos by Alan Karchmer for Museum of the Bible

Museum of the Bible by the Numbers
  • 140 feet: Length of the giant LED screen of the Grand Lobby’s ceiling
  • 3,000+: Number of biblical texts and artifacts on display
  • 430,000: Total square footage of the museum
  • 2 blocks: Distance between museum and the National Mall
  • 170 feet: Museum height from the lowest floor to the rooftop
  • 1 biblical garden: Located on the museum rooftop
  • 8 floors: Including the three central exhibit floors (History, Narrative, Impact)
  • 40 feet: Height of the Gutenberg Gates at the museum entrance