Museum of the Bible Releases Latest Original Content As Part Of Its Impact Of The Bible Series, “Hail To The Chief: Presidential Speeches And The Bible”

Friday, November 4, 2016

Museum of the Bible newest content highlights how past U.S. presidents have quoted the Bible in some of their most iconic speeches.

WASHINGTON D.C. – Days before America prepares to elect its 45th president, Museum of the Bible released another content series related to the historical impact of the Bible entitled: “Hail To The Chief: Presidential Speeches and the Bible.”

“This election marks a truly extraordinary time in our nation’s history,” says Museum of the Bible President, Cary Summers. “In times like these it’s important to remember our history – both the highs and the lows – to see how past presidents have turned to the Bible to comfort, console and guide the American people. From Barack Obama to Thomas Jefferson, U.S. presidents have a long history of directly quoting passages from the Bible in some of their most iconic speeches - speeches that continue to mark and shape America to this day.”

“Hail To The Chief: Presidential Speeches And The Bible” was released on the YouVersion Bible App on November 1st. It is an 8-day reading plan, which includes:


Day 1 – Thomas Jefferson’s Second Inaugural Address

Day 2 – John Quincy Adam’s 1st Inaugural Address

Day 3 – Abraham Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Address

Day 4 – Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 1942 State of the Union Speech

Day 5 – John F. Kennedy’s 1st Inaugural Address

Day 6 – How presidents turn to the Bible in times of National Tragedy

Day 7 – Gerald Ford Celebrates the U.S. Bicentennial in 1976

Day 8 – Ronald Reagan’s November 3, 1980 “City On A Hill” Speech

This is the latest offering from Museum of the Bible, which creates original scholarly content as part of its mission to invite all people to engage anew with the bestselling, most controversial book of all time – the Bible – and then makes that content freely available to the public.

The YouVersion reading plan of “Hail To The Chief: Presidential Speeches And The Bible” can be found here.

Additionally, Museum of the Bible will issue a free ebook of the series for download on its website:   

During the lead up to the Presidential Election on November 8th, 2016, Museum of the Bible will update their official Facebook page daily with content from the series.



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