Floor 2 - The Impact of the Bible

Perhaps no other book has had more impact than the Bible. Discover the Bible's influence in many familiar though sometimes surprising places—often hidden in plain sight.

Bible in America

Trace the history of the Bible in America, from the first settlers to the 21st century, exploring the profound and sometimes complicated impact of this book on American culture. Learn More

Bible in the World

The Bible is all around you, often hiding in plain sight. Discover the Bible's global influence in areas like film, music, literature, fashion and government.

Bible Now

See the Bible's dynamic presence in a spectacular live feed of global data. You'll see breaking news about the Bible, data on its expanding digital readership and more!

Washington Revelations

Take a dazzling, multi-sensory tour “flying” past biblical references in and around Washington, D.C., from the Lincoln Memorial to the Library of Congress! Learn More