With no guests in the museum, our curators are … well … lonesome.

What does a curator do when the normal routine is turned upside down?

Join us here each day for another episode of Lonesome Curator.

Episode 1

The First Lonesome Curator Episode

Episode 2

Strange Noises in the Museum

Episode 3

Codex Climaci Rescriptus

Episode 4

Quechua and the illumiNations Gallery

Episode 5

The Wicked Bible?

Episode 6

Gutenberg 101

Episode 7

Bodmer Psalms

Episode 8

La Quiche? No, Lachish!

Episode 9

The Pietà

Episode 10

The Philistines

Episode 11


Episode 12

Stations of the Cross

Episode 13

The Story of Passover

Episode 14

Good Friday Message

Episode 15

The Tiffany Window