With no guests in the museum during the long coronavirus shutdown this summer, our curators were . . . well . . . lonesome.

What does a curator do when the normal routine is turned upside down?

Enjoy these episodes of Lonesome Curator to find out, and tune in this spring for our new series, The Bible Is So . . .

Episode 1

The First Lonesome Curator Episode

Episode 2

Strange Noises in the Museum

Episode 3

Codex Climaci Rescriptus

Episode 4

Quechua and the illumiNations Gallery

Episode 5

The Wicked Bible?

Episode 6

Gutenberg 101

Episode 7

Bodmer Psalms

Episode 8

La Quiche? No, Lachish!

Episode 9

The Pietà

Episode 10

The Philistines

Episode 11


Episode 12

Stations of the Cross

Episode 13

The Story of Passover

Episode 14

Good Friday Message

Episode 15

The Tiffany Window