With a Mighty Hand: The Art and History of the Passover Haggadah

Feb 28, 2020 — May 16, 2020
Free with Museum Admission

Beautifully Illuminated

This special exhibition presents some of the most beautifully illustrated Haggadahs from the past 500 years, inviting you to take part in this story of freedom and redemption.

The book used for the celebration of Passover

The Haggadah is one of the most popular texts in Jewish tradition. It is the book used for the celebration of Passover, which commemorates the Israelites’ exodus out of Egypt. The text of the Haggadah has remained virtually unchanged for the past thousand years, but the illustrations that accompany it show a rich and varied tradition that brings the Haggadah to life in a way unlike any other Jewish text.

Guidebook for the Seder

Hebrew for “telling,” the Haggadah is the guidebook for the Seder, the ceremonial meal of Passover. The text of the Haggadah includes prayers, biblical and rabbinic readings, psalms of praise, songs of celebration — as well as illustrations. Though the illustrations in these Haggadahs all draw inspiration from the same text, the unique and playful elements in them show the joy of the holiday and reveal the individuality of the communities that produced them.

Located on Floor 5

Showcasing rare artifacts spanning 3,500 years of history, the museum offers visitors an immersive and personalized experience with the Bible and its ongoing impact on the world around us.

Included with Admission

This special exhibition is available to all of our guests who purchase general admission.