Pilgrim Preacher: Billy Graham, the Bible, and the Challenges of the Modern World

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About the Exhibit

Billy Graham was one of the most prominent voices of the past century. His ability to adapt the American revival tradition to the post-World War II era helped transform the nation’s cultural landscape. His use of the Bible in his ministry elevated the Bible within public discourse and influenced hundreds of millions around the world. Yet Graham and his ministry were not without criticism. Over the course of his career, he was forced to navigate many controversial issues that would define this new era, such as globalization, social inequality and Cold War politics. The story of Graham and his ministry is the story of how he adapted his revival message while reconciling with these challenges. He might have helped shape the post-war world. But as he grew in his work, this world also profoundly shaped him.

This exhibition, presented by Museum of the Bible with the support of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, offers visitors an exciting look into the life of Billy Graham and the role of the Bible in his ministry. It brings together rare artifacts, photographs and video footage to explore how he became an internationally-known religious figure. It also examines the impact of Graham’s work in the realms of religion, society and politics and what many conservative and liberal critics consider his shortcomings on matters such as ecumenism and civil rights. Exploring Graham in his historical context will reveal his complexities as a human being rather than a cultural icon. Visitors will experience a multimedia exhibition that both deepens and challenges their understanding of Graham’s ministry as well as his legacy.

Exhibition Details

August 5, 2018 - Janurary 27, 2019

Past Exhibition

Located on Floor 5

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Billy Graham | Pilgrim Preacher

Exhibition Preview


Billy Graham began his ministry in the 1940s


Rare video footage from Graham’s ministry


See the Bible verses Graham quoted most often


Graham traveled to over 70 countries and provinces


Take a selfie in the 1960s living room and tag #PilgrimPreacher


Map charting Graham's crusades

Did you know?

Billy Graham became so well known that people began calling him “America’s Pastor”

Over 77 million people saw Billy Graham preach live during his decades-long career.

Visualize Graham’s Worldwide Impact

This exhibition features an animated map charting the more than 400 revival campaigns Billy Graham carried out during his global ministry.

Billy Graham's Worldwide Impact


This exhibition was made possible with the cooperation of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Memorabilia on loan was provided by the Billy Graham Library and Dr. Andrew Stimer.