Educator Conference 2024: Digging Deeper—Workshops

Yolanda Henry and Kellie Mitchell

Mosaic Workshop

Numerous excavations in the land of Israel have revealed decorative mosaic floors in structures, many in public areas such churches and synagogues, while others can be found in palaces, bathhouses, and private dwellings. In this workshop developed in partnership with the Israel Antiquities Authority, we will reveal stunning examples of mosaic art from the classical period of ancient Israel and focus on the artistic motifs and inscriptions found in churches and synagogues. Then you will create a small mosaic to take home with you. Delve into this world with us as we explore the art of making mosaics.

Museum Educators

Perfume Workshop

The history of fragrances is ancient, and archaeological finds related to fragrances have been discovered in many countries. Humans began to produce fragrances from various plants early in our history. Fragrances were used to produce pleasant scents for cultic activities, cosmetics, burial rituals, and more. In this workshop, we will prepare samples of herb and spice mixtures in small perfume bottles to create a personal fragrance to take home. Join us as we explore the world of ancient perfumes.   

Museum Educators

Coin Workshop

In the earliest forms of commerce, bartering was one way people exchanged goods and services. As time went on, precious metals like gold and silver were weighed on scales using standardized weights. Around 2,500 years ago, the first coins were struck. Today, archaeologists find coins with a variety of symbols—written names and words, figures, and geometric symbols. Coins provide important dating evidence for sites. In the workshop, we will make examples of coins discovered in excavations throughout Israel. Join us as we explore the history of ancient coins.

DIVE Tour of Megiddo

DIVE tours take you on a virtual trip to an archaeological site in Israel using advanced images combined with an online, interactive classroom to create a rich, immersive experience in the land! Explore the ancient site of Megiddo in this virtual excursion to learn more about one of the most important cities in the land of Israel.