Classical Conversations at Museum of the Bible

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Below is just a glimpse of what Museum of the Bible can offer you and your students. For the full experience, we invite you to come to the museum to see these artifacts with your own eyes, take advantage of live performances and stimulating classes, engage in crafts and activities at our Education Station, and more.

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Artifacts and Educational Episodes from the Classical Conversations Timeline

Nebuchadnezzar Building Inscription

Age of Ancient Empires: Babylonians, ca. 1900–539 BC

See an ancient mudbrick and a royal cylinder commissioned by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar.

Watch one of our Lonesome Curator episodes to hear about Nebuchadnezzar’s brick.

Gutenberg Press

Age of Exploration: Gutenberg’s Printing Press, ca. 1455

See leaves from the first major work printed by Johannes Gutenberg: the Bible. We have leaves from 1 Samuel as well as the entirety of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans.

Don’t miss an opportunity to hear about Gutenberg’s press from one of our living history interpreters and chief curatorial officer.

Make sure to visit the museum to see a live demo with a full-size replica of the press, or sign up for our virtual K–12 program on Gutenberg and the impact of his invention.

Age of Absolute Monarchs: Protestant Reformation, Erasmus and Luther Bibles

See first editions of Erasmus’s pioneering Greek New Testament.

Listen to our chief curatorial officer talk about Erasmus and his amazing contributions to the Bible’s history.

Make sure you view Luther’s Pentateuch and his famous New Testament, or read a letter written by Martin Luther himself!

English Indenture for 13 Ships, Including “The Mayflowere”

Age of Absolute Monarchs: The Mayflower

See what may very well be the bill of sale for the Mayflower that carried the Pilgrims across the Atlantic.

Listen to three of our radio spots that discuss the Mayflower and the Bible: “The Mayflower Sets Sail”; “The Mayflower Compact”; and “The Mayflower Bible.”

And don’t miss a Lonesome Curator episode on the famous ship.

Interactive Online K–12 Programs

LHI K-12

Life in First-Century Nazareth

Experience the village of Nazareth during the time of Jesus. Meet villagers and learn about their economy, culture, daily life, and religious practices. This program includes a tour of the World of Jesus of Nazareth exhibit with our living history interpreters. Students are invited to participate in real time with Q&A as they interact with the villagers.

This program is offered for FOUNDATIONS & ESSENTIALS students.

Revolutionary Words: The Gutenberg Press | Museum of the Bible

Revolutionary Words: The Gutenberg Press

During this interactive presentation about the Gutenberg press, learners will be surprised by a special guest. This is a contextual learning opportunity to compare the reproduction of reading materials in the fifteenth century to today. 

This program is offered for ESSENTIALS & CHALLENGE students.

If I Had a Hammer

A hammer is not the only tool Martin Luther used to spark the Protestant Reformation! Learners will choose two “tools” out of six to assess what their influence might have been on the Protestant Reformation. Following this assessment, they will consider how the absence of any of Luther’s “tools” could have redirected the outcome.

This program is offered for ESSENTIALS & CHALLENGE students.

More K–12 Programs

Museum of the Bible offers live, interactive, virtual or on-site educational programs for students in elementary through high school. These programs engage students with the history, narrative, and impact of the Bible through immersive experiences designed to follow standards of learning for each age group.

These resources are open to you and your families, but are only the beginning of how Museum of the Bible can enhance your student’s learning experience. And best of all, you can feel confident in the information presented in our exhibitions and programming, because it’s produced by academics, biblical scholars, and curators who support our organization’s mission.

Whether you’ve visited our world-class facility in the past or would like to visit for the first time, please know we are prepared to provide you an enriching experience in a safe and spacious environment your entire family will enjoy.

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