Celebrating Easter and Passover

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Passover and Easter are almost here. Come celebrate these biblical holidays at the museum with these exhibits!

Easter Exhibits

Stations of the Cross

Walk the stations of the cross, a church tradition that commemorates 14 events from the last hours of Jesus’s life, with sculptures by renowned bronze sculptor Gib Singleton.

Easter Morning

Don’t miss this masterpiece by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Using several innovations in stained glass, Tiffany created this image of the resurrected Jesus.

The Pietà

See an exact replica of one of the most famous statues in the world, Michelangelo’s Pietà, and explore how the master artist depicted Mary’s suffering.

Passover Exhibits

The Prague Haggadah

Explore the beauty and history of the Haggadah in the pages of one of its most famous exemplars — the Prague Haggadah. Created in 1526, this Haggadah is the earliest fully illustrated printed Haggadah, and its woodcut images exerted enormous influence on future Haggadah illustration. Don’t miss this landmark in Haggadah history.

A Seder Meal at the Family Table

Have you ever wanted to experience a Seder, the meal that accompanies Passover? You can see a part of one at our Family Table on the Impact Floor. Take a seat at this virtual Seder table and hear some of the readings and rituals it involves.

Passover Room in the Hebrew Bible Experience

Make sure you walk through this 30-minute experience, where you’ll encounter some of the dramatic events from the Hebrew Bible, including the harrowing incidents of Passover and the exodus.

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