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April 04, 2017

John Donne: English Poet and Cleric

John Donne wrote poetry inspired by biblical themes. He wrote one poem called “The Lamentations of Jeremy,” a poetic translation of Lamentations f...
April 03, 2017

National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month is one of the “largest literary celebrations in the world.” Did you know that the Bible contains examples of Hebrew poetry i...
March 31, 2017

NIrV—New International Readers Version

Imagine a Bible, not just for scholars and adults, but a Bible for people of all ages! The NIrV, The New International Readers Version, is exactly...
March 30, 2017

Fortune 500 and the Bible

Fortune 500 companies represent over $12 trillion in revenues, billions in profits and employ 27.9 million people. Walmart tops this year’s 62nd publi...
March 29, 2017

Favorite Bible Verses of 88 Nations

Who would’ve thought that in 2016, an obscure verse like Zechariah 14:9 would be the top shared verse on YouVersion—for people in two countries with l...
March 28, 2017

The Bishop’s Bible of 1568

You could say the Bishop’s Bible of 1568 was the “rough draft” for the King James Bible of 1611! But the Bishop’s Bible itself was a response to a...
March 27, 2017

William Henry Seward

William Henry Seward was an outspoken abolitionist as Secretary of State under President Lincoln during the Civil War, so much that Lincoln’s assassin...

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