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August 09, 2018

National Book Lovers Day: Codex Sinaiticus

If you were asked to name one of the most important books in the world, your first choice isn’t likely to be Codex Sinaiticus. But if it were you’d be...
August 16, 2018

Babe Ruth - Yankees #3

Babe Ruth, the most celebrated athlete of his time, led the New York Yankees to seven American League championships and four World Series titles! Afte...
August 13, 2018

Florence Nightingale: Pioneer of Modern Nursing

Modern nursing owes much to Florence Nightingale, who ignited worldwide health care reform in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Known for her ni...
August 08, 2018

Latin Vulgate

Saint Jerome said: “Frequently read the divine Scriptures; rather never let the sacred text out of your hands.” In the late fourth century AD, Saint J...
August 07, 2018

Hieroglyphic Bibles for Children

Millions of Bibles are published each year for children—in all sizes, shapes, and colors—in a variety of translations. But perhaps none are more inter...
August 06, 2018

Christian Creeds—a Rich Tradition

A creed—a concise formulation of belief, and a rich tradition found throughout the Bible. An ancient Israelite creed was the Shema of Deuteronomy 6:4–...
August 03, 2018

John Eliot

John Eliot was born on August 5, 1604, and lived 86 years, leaving a legacy as a missionary and Bible translator. He was an English Puritan who cared...

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