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August 08, 2022

The Red Cross

In the New Testament, there’s a story of a man called the “good Samaritan.” This man comes upon a wounded stranger on the side of the road. Many pass by and are unwilling to help, but the good Samaritan stops, cares for the stranger's wounds, and takes him to an inn to rest. In the 1800s, a similar story took place, this time with a man named Henri Dunant. Dunant grew up knowing the Bible and often cared for the sick, poor, and orphaned in his community. While traveling, Dunant came upon a battleground after the fighting had ended. The sight was astonishing. 40,000 men were dead or dying with no one to care for them. Dunant asked people from the surrounding villages to care for the soldiers, even their enemies. The villagers gave Dunant a nickname, “The Samaritan of Solferino.” Dunant went on to help found the International Red Cross, which has served people in crisis all around the world for over 150 years.

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