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August 22, 2022

Family Organizations and the Bible

Across the globe, countless biblically inspired organizations serve families and children. World Vision, which calls itself a “love thy neighbor” ministry, focuses on children who have been victims of neglect, poverty, or crisis situations. Their staff recently worked to identify foster parents for over 3,000 refugee children arriving in Uganda and helped reunite thousands more with their families. The Jewish Federations of North America support single moms and connect them to Jewish community life. They also provide disaster relief grants to families in need. Other organizations, like Compassion International, partner donors with individual children all over the world. They cooperate with local communities, schools, and families to obtain basic necessities and provide education for children. There are organizations that fight for political or social changes they believe will benefit families. Still others care for orphans and facilitate adoptions. Some focus on after-school programs. While biblically motivated organizations are not the only ones doing such work, they make an important contribution in the lives of many families.

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