Blessing of the Elders

Within the United States, there is a legacy of African American pastors who faithfully adhered to the Bible as their guiding light. For generations, these spiritual leaders of large and small congregations have held fast to Scripture and its message of love, faithfulness, forgiveness, freedom, and God’s abiding strength. Because of these elders the Bible continues giving hope to our nation. 

Museum of the Bible and the Blessing of the Elders Steering Committee have joined together to honor and bless those elders in the African American community for their faithfulness to Scripture and to inspire younger generations of pastors and leaders to follow their examples. Our hope is to inspire transformation through the impact of the Bible in our country and our world. 

Join us in honoring the exceptional contributions of these pastors to help heal racial, political, and spiritual divisions, and bring unity to our nation. This important cause needs your support now.